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Products acquired for us to be their main distributors.
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FreshCourt Guacamole Dips are freshly made with 100% fresh, rich and creamy avocados from the farmlands of Mexico. With more than 25 years of experience, each individual pack is brimming with generous servings of avocado chunks, promising an authentic Guacamole Dip the real Mexican way.

Acti-Vit is a delicious sparkling, flavored vitamin water, enriched with 8 key vitamins and minerals!  


Containing 100% of vitamins B5, B6, B9, B12, C, D and Zinc (and a dash of Magnesium), Acti-Vit can help reduce tiredness & fatigue, maintain healthy hair, skin, nails, muscles, bones & teeth, support your immune system and more.No sugar, no caffeine, only 3 calories per can and a tree planted for every case ordered!

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Actiph Water is Europe's leading alkaline ionised water, supercharged to pH 9+ to help you achieve more every day.  
Actiph takes fresh Shropshire spring water, adds a unique blend of electrolytes then ionise to produce a smooth, clean tasting alkaline water that takes your hydration to the next pH level.


Tonic Water by Limestone is a classic tonic water, lively in scent and unmistakable in taste. Fresh and thirst-quenching, it combines a slightly sour and delicately bitter character with a slightly sweet sensation in which a satisfying hint of lemon makes its way.

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Double Dutch blends superb taste fusions creating bold, new and unexpected flavour combinations that thrill the palate. Double dutch’s products are the result of a flavour-led approach that uses the best ingredients that are free from artificial flavouring or colouring and low on sugar.

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