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Established in 2021, Epic’s main focus is to provide a fresh, delicious and simplified variety of portable snacks and drinks.

Ranging from freshly-cut snack pots, pressed juices, immunity shots that are packed with nutrients and antioxidants to freshly baked pastries straight from Epic’s kitchen to our customer’s doorstep.

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EPIC! offers a variety of ready-to-eat foods & snacks

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Freshly-baked in our ovens, EPIC’s bakery provides a wide range of pastries and artisanal breads that are rich in flavor and baked to perfection.

EPIC! Bakery

Made from hand-picked produce, EPIC’s snack pots, juices and immunity shots are packed with all the necessary nutrients that will leave our customers feeling nourished and energized.

EPIC! Snacks Fruits & Veggies

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