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Empowering Growth
Through Strategic

DGH encourages innovation to drive great financial performance and produce new opportunities for profitable expansion.



Technology Integration

We are leveraging Salesforce for CRM, ERP, OMS, and WMS integration, and have become the first in the regional e-commerce space to adopt Salesforce, the world's leading CRM platform.
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Product Innovation

Our launch of an in-house brand, EPIC!, exemplifies strategic vertical integration, fostering margin expansion by eliminating supplier fees and reducing import costs, thereby enhancing overall profitability.

Diversified Offering of products and services​

We serve as a one-stop online platform catering to all customer needs, offering a wide range of categories across more than 200 subcategories and 3,400 brands from more than 1,000 suppliers.


We also provide multiple revenue streams from product sales, delivery fees, and supplier sales/ marketing support services.

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Strong unit economics

DGH boasts impressive unit economics characterized by high organic growth and a loyal customer base, coupled with low customer acquisition costs, reflecting a potent combination for scalability.

Clear path to profitability

We are strategically pivoting towards categories with higher gross margins to amplify growth and profitability By focusing on categories such as the exclusive 'Imported for You' selection and the 'Frozen Food and Cold Cuts' line, is expected to substantially increase gross margins, showing a clear trajectory towards profitability.


DGH has also established direct relationships with key suppliers, bypassing the vendors. This direct sourcing has led to further higher margins.

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